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Arms reach around a body so confused with stress she had no where else to go
as warmth drifted from the boy to the girl she pushes away
scared and hopeless he drifts to the side, not knowing what to do
yet as the shadows race upon his heart so soft
she turns and with back faced she fills the void of him with nothing more than meaningless work and countless hours of careful study
with a darkness upon his heart, he turned back around and walked away
as cracks shift and mold inside of his heart with every step further away
he slithers back into the drivers seat of his car as tears well upon his face
and drives away....
yet with pedel to the floor, he wishes to see her face once again
for he loves her, and everything about her
yet as wind smacks the ever warm redness of his cheeks
he doesn't look back
he knows she does not understand what she does
he only wishes
she did
Life is a meaningless walk though a world of intensity
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September 20, 2009
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